Sun blocking / UV Films




Installing Solar Control Window Film involves covering of the windows of the home or cars with an internally applied self-adhesive polyester film in areas as a way of controlling light, reducing glare, sun, UV-Rays and in some cases to create privacy. The special dyes, metals or nano technology within the film, act as a solar energy barrier by either absorbing or reflecting a percentage of the energy from passing through the glass.

It is used as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on automobiles, homes and commercial buildings. Although many cars come with factory-made window tints, some cars come with clear glass and the owners have to engage the services of a professional to help tint their vehicles. In some architectural glasses come tinted but it does not have any of the film benefits except reducing sunlight. But in some cases the glass are LE (Low Emissivity) and this LE coating as well needs to be protected or it may scratch and damage.

Neutral Looks & Mirror Looks

Neutral films reduce glare, provide good heat rejection and are specified where a soft, neutral appearance is desired. These films are made with sputtered technology. Neutral films are scratch-resistant and shield 99% of UV rays.

Reflective film, which has a mirrored tint, feature reflectance on exteriors for superior reduction in summer cooling costs. Providing a high level of glare and heat control, they are scratch-resistant, shield 99% of UV rays, and are available in earthtones, skytones, silver, and gold to meet aesthetic goals. It provides the best energy savings result and is also excellent for privacy.

Different Shade

The product comes in various shades from dark which is 0% to clear which is 100%. The most appropriate for the Residential & Commercial market is 20% to 35%. Films can be variably and in combination colored, reflective, semi-reflective, or non-reflective; opaque, translucent, or fully transparent.


LLumar is from the USA and is known to be the world‘s No.1 in Architectural Films. BSL developed an excellent business relationship with LLumar of South Africa where they trained our main technician. BSL have been acknowledged as LLumar Accredited Architectural Installer in the island and is the only company with this accreditation till now. The product is high-end and is costly as well.

LLUMAR offers the broadest window film product line on the market for automotive and architectural applications. There are over 100 LLumar glass treatment films designed for solar control, safety and decorative applications offering an extensive choice of visual and performance characteristics. LLumar films feature superior quality construction and are designed to meet international standards. The patented, protective scratch-resistant coating on LLumar films has been independently tested and is the most durable in the industry. LLumar films are sold by a network of over 10,000 authorized distributors and dealers. Each product comes with a factory-backed warranty when professionally installed by a LLumar dealer.




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LLumar warrants the film for a period of 10 years for Architectural films and 5 years for Automobile from the date of installation when properly installed in accordance with manufacturer‘s specifications and to maintain its properties without crazing, cracking, peeling, blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass. If the film fails to comply under recommended use and maintenance within the warranty period, the purchaser may obtain replacement from the LLumar Accredited Installer.