Microperforated Films


MICROPERFORATED FILMS also known as One Way Vision Films or See-through graphics are added to glass or other transparent panels to provide advertising, branding, architectural expression. It allows stunning graphics printing on the front side of the film and the other side of the film is usually black to create a one-way unobstructed view effect.

Virtually all glass surfaces now have the potential for maximum visual impact. Microperforated film is the perfect window-graphics media for vehicle and building wraps, POP, retail and commercial window signage, corporate identity, architectural enhancement and much more. You can see normally from inside and have a design on the outside thus making it a privacy film


Features & Benefits

• Creates new, innovative media space.

• Allows printers to diversify their printing capabilities and expand their customer base for greater profitability.

• Offers cutting-edge graphics technology that gives both advertisers and printers a competitive advantage.

• Allows premium ad placement for high-profile advertising.

• Reduces slight heat and considerable glare from the sun.

• Enhances security and privacy.

• Among the most durable window films in the industry.

• Easy to print, install and remove.

• Certain films are suitable as a bird-strike deterrent.







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