Privacy Frosted Film


Privacy Frosted Window Film is a thin adhesive vinyl film which has been specially designed to give an appearance of frosted/etched glass renders the glass opaque. It adds a new dimension, style, contemporary appeal and privacy to any room. It works remarkably well with pattern or logo cutouts on windows, glass doors and mirrors.



Frosted Window Film provides high level of privacy and helps to protect interiors from prying eyes. Even at night with the lights on it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. It can also be used to obscure an unsightly view.

Features & Benefits

  • Contemporary and hygienic alternative to net curtains and blinds
  • Ideal for providing privacy
  • Allows through 90% of the natural light
  • Helps preventing people walking into glass
  • In the event of an accident can hold the glass



Provide elegant, professional look with patterns, brandings, logos, and signage

Glass Manifestation

Strips applied onto glass to prevent people from walking into the glass


Room dividers, bathrooms, mirrors, kitchens furniture or glass panels


Bathroom privacy, mirror design (sandblast effect), signage

We have two models available

White Matt

Performance Data:
Total Solar Energy Rejected 29%
Solar Energy Reflected 13%
Solar Energy Absorbed 22%
Solar Energy Transmitted 65%
Visible Light Transmitted 70%
Visible Light Reflected 16%
Ultra Violet Light Rejected 85%
Glare Reduction 21%

Film Notes:
Subtle white privacy film with a smooth, ‘satin‘ finish. Allows high amount of natural light through.

Performance Guide:
Solar Heat Rejection • • • •
Glare Reduction • • • • •
UV Reduction • • • • •
Fade Reduction • • • •
Safety & Security • • • • •
One – Way Privacy • • • • •
Two – Way Privacy • • • •

Scratch Coating No
Warranty Period 5 Years

Frosted Crystal

Film Description:
Frosted Crystal can be used on any glass window, door or partition to give privacy both day and night. It can also be computer cut or printed onto for glass decoration, corporate branding and manifestation. The slight sparkle on the finish of the film gives it a unique look once applied.

The Window Film Company designs and produces all cut and printed graphics in-house using the latest software and equipment. This ensures high quality finishes and rapid turnaround.

Film Notes:
Frosted Crystal gives the appearance of sand-blasted glass which shows in its slight sparkle finish. It will obscure vision through the glass whilst still allowing high levels of light to pass through.

Performance Guide:
Solar Heat Rejection • • • •
Glare Reduction • • • • •
UV Reduction • • • • •
Fade Reduction • • • •
Safety & Security • • • • •
One – Way Privacy • • • • •
Two – Way Privacy • • • •

Suitable for Computer Cutting Yes


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Services offered

  • Surveys to understand requirement and offer a solution
  • Design mockup service for large project
  • Full supply and installation by highly skilled staff
  • Logo or pattern cut outs. Manual strips cuts or complex design computer cut
  • Digitally print logo and design or pattern on frosted films and transparent film
  • Trade shop for the supply only if required of a selection from our range of products