Clear Burglar Guards


Clear Guard Burglar Bars are transparent and made of the
strongest thermoplastic which is polycarbonate



Facts On Polycarbonate:

• Virtually unbreakable

• Impossible to break with stones, bricks or a hammer

• Tensile Breaking Strength in excess of 3000 kgs

• Barely visible & Non-Obtrusive

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Flame retardant

• Does not rust

Facts On Clear Guard:

• Creates a physical barrier

• Made in Belgium

• Strips are 6mm thick and 30mm wide

• 10 years warranty on strip fading & fittings

• Dual sided UV coating

• Maintenance free

• Available in standard and armed bars



Armed Bars

• Can be connected to your existing alarm systems

• 24/7 alarmed

• Armed even when windows are open

• No false alarms

• Tamper resistant

• Wires are invisible leaving aesthetically pleasing

• UV protected

• 10 year Warranty

• Corrosion free

How Clear Guard is Fitted

• Strips are installed on inside of window.

• Strips are spaced at maximum 120mm apart for maximum safety.

• Each strip is fixed directly on window frames with 2 anchoring points.

• The whole system is secured after each metre with a vertical brace in the middle.

• Stainless steels screw and rivet marine grade 316 are used as fixtures.

• Screws and rivets are covered with a nylon cover caps (available in white, brown, grey, black)

• Tubes are used where:
1. Frame edge has insufficient space to fit anchors.
2. Or where window will be prevented from opening (window handles).
3. Window frame not strong enough (rotten or rusted window frames)



Product Care:

• Only dust-off is required

• No cleaning, painting,  re-rusting required

• No abrasive cloth  or chemical product to  be used


1. What‘s Clear Guard bars made of?
The bars are made out of a thermoplastic called Polycarbonate.

2. How strong is it, it looks like Perspex?
Polycarbonate is a clear polymer with exceptionally high levels of impact strength and is one of the toughest transparent sheets available and has a tensile breaking strength of 3 000kg. The cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter is made from a piece of high optical quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is also used for riot shields, bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen inside banks or at a drive-through. When the burglar bars are exposed to repeated heavy blows, the material tends to cold form rather than shatter.

3. Is it UV stable?
Won’t it fade or turn yellow as a result of light exposure? The product is protected with a UV protection on both sides, ensuring resistance against the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Is there a warranty?
There is a 10 year manufacturer warranty. “The warranty entails that the polycarbonate bars will not stain under normal circumstances and if cleaned according to the recommendations.” The fittings used will not rust overtime.

5. Does it scratch easily?
Polycarbonate is susceptible to scratching and care must be taken to prevent this during installation and cleaning.

6. What is the ideal application of the product?
This product has got many uses, the main one being a clear security barrier. The fact that it is transparent and very strong makes it an ideal security bar where you want to protect yourself and your view.

7. It seems very flexible to me, how does this characteristic affect the performance of the product?
The flexibility of the product is part of its strength. It is very difficult to wedge the burglar bars from its attachment due to this characteristic.

8. What is the weakest point of this product?
The weakest point of any installation is the attachment to the window or wall. Care must be taken to fix the bars properly to the window or square tubing. We offer 4 anchoring points on each strip compared to 2 from competitors.

9. Can you guarantee that no one will be able to enter through a window where bars have been installed?
No guard or security barrier is 100% burglar proof, this product is no exception. Burglar bars are installed to prevent easy access or delay entry to a property.

10. How do I clean the transparent burglar bars?
The transparent security bars must be clean with a soft damp cloth and non-abrasive mild household detergent.

11. Why should I use Clear Guard bars in place of ordinary burglar bars?
View – The bars are transparent and will protect you and your family without spoiling your view.
Protect – The bars will give you the same protection as any standard burglar bars!
Maintenance – The product is rust free and needs no maintenance!
Look – It is the latest in burglar bar technology and provides your home with a more modern, up market appearance.

12. Why use Clear Guard bars if I have an alarm system?
The burglar bars will provide you with 24/7 protection and provides a physical barrier if your alarm fails which will restrict access. A small number of people activate their alarm systems when they are at home. Clear Guard will give you peace of mind and will provide you with some very valuable time, allowing you to respond to the danger of potential intruders.

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