Custom Metal Solutions

Custom Metal Solutions

Complementing our renowned glass expertise, we also offer tailored metal solutions to enhance design and functionality. Our metal crafting services focus on creating pieces that are not only aesthetically aligned with your needs but also robust and functional. From understanding your problem to offering innovative solutions, we guide you every step of the way. For more complex work, we provide CAD-aided visualization services to ensure precision and satisfaction.

Examples of What We Can Do


  • Canopy Fitted with Polycarbonate or Glass: Add elegance and protection to your outdoor spaces with our custom-designed canopies, fitted with your choice of polycarbonate or glass.
  • Carport Construction: Protect your vehicle with our custom-built carports. Available in various materials and designs, we offer carports that provide reliable shelter and add aesthetic value to your property.
  • Custom Railings and Handrails: Enhance stairways and balconies with our finely crafted metal railings.
  • Security Gates and Fencing: Improve security and curb appeal with our custom-designed gates and fences.
  • Spiral Stairs: Enhance your interiors with our custom-designed spiral stairs. Offering elegance and functionality, our spiral stairs are crafted to fit your space and style.
  • Metal Signage and Frames: Offering custom metal signs and frames for businesses or personal use.
  • Metal Stands and Displays: Creating stands for various commercial uses, like product displays, exhibition stands, or promotional materials.




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