Glass Wall Partition


Interior Wall Partitions for Offices and Commercial Spaces

We manufacture & install glass office & shop partitions, enclosures, room dividers, privacy walls & doors in clear to opaque glass styles. Glass walls & doors is a great way to create a beautiful office environment. It gets you the perfect balance between open collaborative spaces and closed areas where team members can create and innovate due to the freedom to customize flow and layout with high-end interior glass doors and office partitions for offices and business centers. Our transformative work spaces are crafted from the highest quality glass and aluminium. Glass walls & doors partitions allow for natural light, enhance workspace functionality. It is ideal for offices, hospitals & clinic, banks etc.


Minimalist designs
Functional & aesthetic
Transparency, daylighting, versatility
Glass 10mm-12mm Safety Laminated panels
10 mm Safety Tempered glass
4 models of door: hinges, pivot system, sliding folding frameless, sliding.
Acoustic Glass option (*MOQ Applied)






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