Glass Splashbacks


A splash of colour in your kitchen!

  • Modern look increasing the ‘wow’ factor
  • Versatility of design (coloured, printed, two tones, strips, etc)
  • Easy to clean – just spray & wipe!
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • No Maintenance
  • Any size & any colour

Glass Type

Low-Iron Glass provides a crystal like appearance offering exceptional clarity with a low iron oxide content as compared to ordinary glass with iron content which gives the glass a slight green tinge. When the glass is colour coated it will affect the hue of any colour applied.


Note: This effect is not readily apparent with darker colours. If you let us know the colour you want to use, we can advise if you will need Low Iron glass or normal glass which costs less.

Thickness: 8mm
Type: Monolithic Glass
Edgework: Visible edges are polished

Colour & Paint

The colour of your splashbacks is entirely a matter of personal taste. You may choose any colour from the Sofap range or any RAL and PANTONE colour. This gives you an enormous palette to choose from.

While we prefer our customers to make their own colour choice, you may wish to consider the following points:

  1. Is your Kitchen very light or quite dark? If it is quite dark you may wish to choose a lighter colour to increase the impression of space.
  2. A common option is to match the glass colour to the wall colour. Just bear in mind that you may want to change the wall colour at some stage.
  3. Splashbacks can make an absolutely stunning feature to your kitchen and with the right colour can really complement the rest of the décor.
  4. We recommend that when you decide on a colour you may obtain a Permoglaz Test Pot at Sofap (Pailles, Moka, Grand-Bay or Black River), and paint a large piece of cardboard so that you can check that it meets your expectations in the actual environment.

Paint finish: Back painted and opaque in appearance.



Picture & Patterns

It is now possible to apply any picture or pattern using vinyl to your splashbacks as long as it is not the panel near the gas hob. Please contact us for advice on how to achieve this.

Cut Out Or Notch Cut

Primarily cut outs are required for plug and electrical sockets and at times range hood, screw holes, holes for taps. These should be a minimum of 50 mm from the edge of the glass.


While glass splashbacks can be fitted to almost any area there are some limitations. It is therefore important to take advantage of our free quotation and advisory service as early in the design process as possible. The main limitations are as follows:

1. The maximum size of our glass pane is 2140mm X 3050mm. While this easily covers most situations, on some occasions there is a requirement for longer splashbacks. For this reason, it is important to talk through your requirements with us as early as possible in the design stage. Note: It can also be fixed in different panels instead of 1 piece.

2. As Monolithic (Non-Safety) glass is used, the gas hob should be placed further than 120mm from the splashbacks. Note that a gas hob should be installed in such a way that the flame cannot come into contact with or close proximity to the surface of the splashbacks.

3. Cut outs must be a minimum of 50mm from the edge of the glass.

Weight Of Panel

Our splashbacks weigh approximately 15 Kg/M2.


No maintenance is required on our glass i.e. no joint grouting and surface sealing etc. Our glass is easy to keep clean with water, washing up liquid and a soft sponge. Finish by polishing with a soft dry cloth. Abrasive materials should not be used.



Once you have decided to proceed, we will normally need to make a template to ensure that the glass fits accurately. Once the template is completed it will take about ten days for the glass to be processed and painted. Then your splashbacks must be affixed with a special adhesive sealant and once installed it should not be cleaned immediately as it will take 24 hours for the sealant to cure.

A smooth surface will ensure optimum adherence of the glass Clear silicon is used around the border of glass wherever glass meets glass or another surface such as a cabinet, countertop etc.

Lead Time

Your splashbacks will normally take approximately 2-3 weeks to be installed.

If you are interested to have more information about this product or service, kindly contact us through our Contact Us form and we will revert back to you by email.

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Wall Condition

The wall needs to be free of bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm.

Any sharp areas need to be sanded. Unevenness less than that depth can be taken up by the adhesive.

Warranty: 5 year against faulty fitting & discoloration