Bullet Resistant Glass (BRG)


Bullet resistant glass (BRG) is made of multiple glass and interlayer films that have extreme shielding capability towards larger impacts.

The different levels of bullet resistant glasses are able to shield various bullets from penetration and prevent the broken parts from injuring people.

For example, a bullet fired at a sheet of bullet resistant will pierce the outside layer of the glass, but the layered interlayers and glass lites are able to absorb the bullet’s energy and stop it before it exits the final layer. BRG is offered in a large variety of glass products, including clear, low iron, Low-E’s, standard or high performance (spectrally selective) tints and reflective coatings to achieve desired aesthetics and to meet design criteria.


BRG Plus

These units utilize a polycarbonate layer to provide spall resistance against glass shrapnels and fragments that might erupt from the inside surface due to bullet impact.

BRG Clarity

Incorporating low-iron ultra-clear glass instead of regular clear glasses, these units do away with the heavy green tint that is characteristic in thicker units, providing beautiful visibility and near total clarity.

BRG Curved

All bullet-resistant configurations can also be designed using curved glasses. These units are ideal for automobile windscreens and side glasses and can also satisfy architectural demands.

BRG Burglar Guard

Unlike bullet-resistant glasses, burglar guard incorporates extremely strong glass and ionoplast combination to prevent forced entry. Ideal for use in residences, offices, jewellery and other display windows and transaction windows.


  • Maximum Glass Size 2440mm X 3660mm
  • Minimum Glass Size 300mm X 300mm
  • Glass Thickness 8mm to 80mm


Typical applications include

Given the outstanding security characteristics of bullet resistant glass, it is widely used in:

  • Banks and consulate counters
  • Jewellery Stores
  • Airport and railway terminals
  • Security doors and windows