Acoustic Glassttyy


Convex Mirrors greatly improve road safety by enhancing your range of view around tight corners and bends, as well as hard to see or concealed entry and exit points on driveways, parking lots and intersections. The impact resistant acrylic convex mirrors and unbreakable polycarbonate convex mirrors make turning safely onto the road from driveways and intersections easier and can lower the risk of collisions. Outdoor convex mirrors are also a low cost way to improve security surveillance around factories, warehouses, security checkpoints and private driveways. Outdoor Convex Mirrors are weather proof and can be used for general outdoor areas where harsh environmental conditions are not a problem.





Typical Applications include:

  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Airports and surrounding structures
  • Music studios, concert halls and conferences centres
  • Near industrial complexes
  • Near industrial complexes
  • Retrofits with the installation of an acoustical sash