22 Sep What are the reasons for using glass flooring?

Traditionally used in skyscrapers, commercial malls or boats, glass flooring is turning more and more popular as far as architectural design is concerned. Nowadays, glass floors are becoming very affordable, readily available and trendy as this type of flooring features fantastic benefits compared to other materials.

Glass flooring is aesthetic
In terms of architectural design, glass adds aesthetics, style and elegance to any building. It allows easy flow of natural light, enhancing the sense of wideness of the rooms. Glass floors have a significant impact on the global ambience of the place due to extra light and this unusual flooring would definitely trigger curiosity among your visitors. Moreover, glass floors allow breath-taking views especially if they are used on the upper floors.

Glass flooring is custom-made
One of the benefits of glass floors is that they are available in custom shapes and sizes. They are designed to fit small sections of larger floors or an entire room, depending on your requirements.  However, the installation of a glass flooring should be handled by professionals to ensure that they meet security standards.

 Glass flooring provides great insulation
 Being a bad conductor of heat, glass stands as a fantastic insulation material. Glass floors help conserving the heat of within the rooms of a building and contribute to energy saving, reducing by the way, your electricity bills. Another great advantage of glass is that is a waterproof and fireproof material, providing additional protection and durability.


Glass flooring are easy to clean and to maintain
Glass floors are stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean with the help of light mop, water and detergent to remove any built-up dust and debris to keep it looking spectacular. Compared to other materials such as concrete or wood, glass is resistant to fungi and other allergens. Moreover, glass is resistant to fading due to exposure to sunlight.

Glass flooring is robust and safe
Glass flooring is typically made from toughened glass which is extremely strong and durable. This type of glass is resistant to impacts, heat and in the case of glass flooring, it undergoes anti-slip floor treatment to reduce risks of domestic no accidents. Toughened glass is about five times stronger than laminated glass and in case of breakage, it breaks up into small unsharpened pieces limiting risks of injury. To enhance safety, toughened glass can also be laminated by the application of an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film between two panes of toughened glass.

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