07 Sep Reasons for using glass balustrades

More and more trendy nowadays, glass balustrades have turned into an indispensable home décor component for residential and commercial units, not to mention holiday resorts. By definition, a glass balustrade is a barrier or railing installed to support balconies and staircases for security and safety purposes – to prevent a person from falling from failing from elevated spaces or outdoor areas. Over time, glass balustrades have become very popular as they are more and more being used to add a contemporary and sophisticated touch to interior and exterior design.


Glass balustrades create the Wow factor
Unlike wood, metal or stone balustrades, glass balustrades add a sleek modern seamless look and feel, helping increasing the value of a property. Manufactured in tempered glass, they are robust and are shock-resistant. Moreover, glass ages beautifully and blends flawlessly with any environment.

Glass balustrades create optical illusion of extra space
When it comes to adding extra space to your interior or even your exterior setting, glass balustrades stand an excellent cost-effective solution to costly renovations. Opting for clear glass balustrades allows light into confined environment and adds style to staircases and balcony fences.


Glass balustrades are safe
Glass balustrades are made of one the toughest, safest and most durable materials: tempered glass. This type of glass does not crack or break easily making the ideal safety and security solution for families, particularly for children in elevated areas such as stairs and balconies. Moreover, glass is a material that does corrode or rust which makes it durable over time. Glass balustrades are fitted with radius glass corners which eliminate the safety hazard of sharp corners.

Glass balustrades are environmentally friendly
One of the greatest advantages of glass is that it is an eco-friendly material thanks to the fact that it is a recycled and chemically inert material. Hence, opting for a glass balustrade stands as a long-lasting and sustainable solution.


Glass balustrades require little maintenance
Unlike metal and wood, glass is material that is very easy to clean and maintain. They just need to be effortlessly wiped with a cloth, water and detergent.

Glass balustrades provide privacy
Glass balustrades are widely used for privacy purposes as they can be customised to features frosted or tinted glass. Frosted glass provides high level of privacy and helps to protect interiors from prying eyes. Even at night with the lights on it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. It can also be used to obscure an unsightly view.

Glass balustrades are perfect for outdoor use
The fact that glass balustrades are manufactured in tempered glass makes the perfect material to withstand difficult outdoor weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain and extensive exposure to sun and heat.

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