18 Aug What are the reasons for using frosted window films?

Widely used for both residential and commercial purposes, Frosted Window Films are a common window addition in the form of a thin adhesive vinyl film designed to be applied to existing windows to provide them with a frosted/etched glass appearance rending them opaque. Why are frosted window films so popular today?


Frosted window films provide privacy and safety to your home, office or commercial outlet. Moreover, from an esthetic point of view, these films add new dimension, style and contemporary appeal to buildings while enabling natural light inside blocking harmful UV rays. The fact that frosted films are very easy to clean and maintenance-free makes them very practical and cost-effective for businesses. They do not rust, corrode and can be easily wiped with a cloth.


Where and how are frosted window films commonly used?

  • Commercial use where they provide elegant, professional look with patterns, brandings, logos, and signage
  • Residential use where they are used as room dividers, bathrooms, mirrors, kitchens furniture or glass panels
  • Safety and security window films where strips are applied onto the glass to prevent people from walking into the glass
  • Hotel use for bathroom privacy, mirror design (sandblast effect), signage
  • Privacy window films for commercial offices, residential units, conference rooms
  • Solar/UV protection


Privacy Window Film
Frosted window films feature a range of opaqueness that varies from near see-through, transparent to fully opaque, with a variety of different tones and colours. Very sought-after, these window films are a ingenious and classy way to provide offices and homes with a privacy barrier, particularly in residential areas.

One of the most common applications of frosted glass is for bathroom windows, especially thanks to its due to its distortion or blurring abilities, helping to enhance privacy while allowing natural light to penetrate the room.


Decorative enhancements
Frosted glass adds a touch of chic to your house or even to your commercial outlet without sacrificing any natural light. Extremely versatile, it has been designed for long-lasting use and can easily fit any requirement regarding both residential and commercial use. On top of being functional, frosted window films provide decorative improvements to your windows, in other words to your home, office or outlet. Moreover, they are very easy to install, to remove and to maintain.

Safety and security
In addition to esthetics and privacy, frosted window films also provide can also provide further security to homes, offices or commercial outlets. Tremendously sturdy window frosting films greatly reduce chances of injuries and damage to property during window breakage attempts.

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