29 May Privacy is now on demand

From how you work, play and live your life, technology is now everywhere, even on the glass surface of your windows. Have you ever dreamt that you could make your windows opaque in just one click, for some instant privacy? Now it’s possible.

Privacy in one touch

From changing rooms to conference rooms, there are many places where privacy is required. Much cleaner and more stylish than blinds, switchable films are highly effective and transform clear glass to frosted in a second. 

Switchable privacy film

Switchable privacy film can be applied to any smooth glass surface and allows you to switch between frosted and clear at the touch of a button. Just turn it off to have some privacy and make your windows frosted and opaque! Switch it back on when you want your windows to be transparent again. It can also be dimmed to create the ambiance you want.

Where to use it?

In medical rooms, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, cars, boats, reception areas, entrance doors, lounge windows… you name it. Switchable privacy films, also known as smart tint, look amazing everywhere and are incredibly practical. Why not convert your store front windows to an interactive advertising platform?

Additional perks

  • The switchable films are totally custom-fit as they are cut to fit the size of any flat glass surface.
  • Acting as a protection, these amazing films block 98% of UV rays and solar heat.

Curious to know how it works? Find out in this short video:


An increasing number of people are turning to this intelligent glass technology to add privacy in a modern way to their environment and boost their home and office. How about you?