06 Nov Unveiling our Glass Writing Board

Stylish and practical, glass boards are the next step up and are becoming increasingly popular. Find out why they are clearly the better option than the traditional white board from the past.

Cutting-edge stylish

Glass has class! The modern board is far more sophisticated in design than ordinary whiteboards and will uplight your entire room. With its clear glossy surface, it is a beautiful modern visual communication tool that is ideal for use in countless work spaces.

Forget the unstylish heavy frames of traditional boards. Our glass boards are frameless and will seamlessly blend in the decor of your room. The wide choice of colours makes it even easier to match it with the style of the room.

glass writing boards birmingham

High Quality

Durable and functional, our boards are made with highest quality components and have an unlimited life span when cared for properly. Unlike conventional white boards that deteriorate with time, they won’t chip, ghost or stain and are easy to wipe-off.

Silky write on

Compatible with any marker, glass is a superior surface for writing on and much easier to clean. Even if you inadvertently use a permanent marker instead of a white board marker, it is still easy to clean it up. White boards eventually become more porous and difficult to clean, no matter how zealous you are.

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Fully Customisable

Our boards are tailor-made to suit your needs and come in a variety of sizes and colours. They can be any size up to 2034mm x 3300mm and be fixed on concrete or Gypsum.

Your personalised corporate logo may also be added. From transparent to deep purple, we offer a wide selection of 47 trendy colours. You can easily colour match our product to completely harmonise with the paint colour of the wall. 

From a conference room to factories, schools and restaurants, our Glass Writing boards are useful almost everywhere. Give this modern touch to your room and get yours! Contact us to choose your favourite one.