22 Sep How Anti UV Filter Film protects your interiors

Your home, your office or shop are filled with important assets that represent a sizeable investment. Find out more about the most effective ways to protect these valuable belongings by keeping UVA and UVB rays as well as infrared radiation away.

YES to light – NO to UV

Large window panels definitely enhance your home or your office by letting in the light and merging the interiors and exteriors. But the mere presence of light will, over time, cause the deterioration of your valuables and badly fade colours from carpets, curtains and cushions. Furniture and wood finishes become dull and damaged. In fact, the ultra violet rays are responsible for as much as 80% of these damages. In some cases, fading can be a real threat to businesses, for example in retail establishments, where it is crucial to keep contents in displays looking brand new.



The invisible shield

If you want your furniture, flooring and expensive fabrics to remain in the best condition possible, don’t let them get damaged by the sun. To avoid the expense of replacing them, the best solution is to place a sun-blocker window film, also known as UV Protection Film or Anti UV Filter Film, on your glass panels. Ideal for homes, offices or shop fronts, these films are completely clear and do not alter the appearance of glass, while acting like an invisible barrier blocking UV radiation.

The view without the glare

Glare can sometimes make it impossible to be comfortable in a room or affect your working conditions. To keep the blinds pulled right down will turn the room into a sauna and deprive you from the view. We have Anti UV Filter Film with shade, which is your best ally by reducing considerably the sun’s glare, while allowing you to enjoy the outside views.



Island Living

Mauritius is known for its sunny weather. However, the sun also brings in the heat. Shaded Anti UV Filter Film can significantly reduce heat and helps saving on air conditioning costs without changing the look of existing windows or doors.

Our clear Anti UV Filter Films are ideal for controlling excess heat and glare, while keeping your interiors comfortable. You are left with natural light and no fear of damage to your valuables. If you want to find out more, we’re only a phone call away and will gladly provide you with all the info. Contact us here.