31 Mar 6 good reasons to choose a frameless glass shower screen

A shower is one of the key elements in a bathroom. Whether you plan to renovate an existing bathroom or add a new one, a frameless glass shower screen can make a big difference.

Reason no1: It’s clearly classy!

Glass shower doors are the ultimate piece in a modern and stylish bathroom. It is the easiest way to add this distinct touch of elegance. Why? Because they look sleek, chic and create that wow effect. Especially if you have beautiful tilling or mosaic, you don’t want to hide it behind a shower curtain. The glass of a frameless screen is thicker than of a framed one, which gives it a modern and premium quality look.

Reason no 2: It’s a bright way to bring in the light

It is well known that transparency adds luminosity. You will be amazed by how frameless shower doors can reflect the light and make your bathroom look more spacious and bright. Glass screens also let more light into the enclosure, which is extremely useful if you do not have a light installed over the shower.

Reason no 3: It makes any space look bigger

Unlike shower curtains that conceal our shower, frameless shower doors accentuate the space in your bathroom as they do not create a distinct barrier. Show off your shower space with beautiful shimmering transparent walls!

Reason no 4: It’s customisable

You all have your own style and taste.The great thing about shower screens, is that you can have it custom made for your bathroom. This is particularly useful in bathrooms with renovated showers. A frameless glass enclosure blends itself to any style, whether it’s a sleek design, modern, elegant or classic.

Reason no 5: It’s durable

The glass used for shower screens undergoes tempering to make it ultra resistant. It is very durable and will not get damaged easily, even if you hit the panel against your toilet or vanity by accident.

Reason no 6: It’s easy to maintain

Clear shower screens create a sense of cleanliness. These surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain because you can access the entire glass panel. Clean it like any glass panel and watch it shine.

Frameless glass shower screens make your space look more polished and bring out all other design elements. Your bathroom is your sanctuary of relaxation. Make it magical by complementing it with a beautiful stylish enclosure.