02 Mar Look beyond what you see

Windows are a crucial element of your property’s windows. They help you capture the outdoors and bring them in your interior. They let in the light and for some lucky ones, display pittoresque views. However, there's more to windows than meets the eyes.

Where there is light, there is heat

Being a tropical island, Mauritius has warm temperatures almost all year-round, especially in certain areas such as Port-Louis. At the peak of summer, the heat can be very uncomfortable to handle. A great way to reduce the amount of heat transmitted inside the room is by covering your windows’ glass with a solar film.

Sky high electricity bills

As the temperature rises, so does your electricity bill. To avoid turning on your air conditioners in full blast during hot summer days, simply keep the heat away. Curtains and blinds will block the light but not the heat. With the adequate films, you can create a barrier and stop as much as 79% of the heat from entering.

Here comes the light..and the UV rays

We don’t think of it, but UV rays get inside our homes and offices through windows. They are harmful to the skin as well cause damage to our furniture and fabrics by fading their colours.

With their special protective UV filter, solar film windows have been developed to block most of the infrared and up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays and maintain a safe environment.

Blinds or glare?

Most of the time, we are bothered by glare when we want to watch television, work at our computer or simply admire the view. Don’t block out the light by putting down the blinds! Leave the curtains open! With good window film, as much as 80% of glare is reduced.

Why are window film clearly the solution:

Barely visible and scratch free, our films offer the perfect solution to maintain the natural sunlight while protecting your interiors from the heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Take full advantage of the view while enjoying privacy. Our window film not only help you reduce energy costs but increase the privacy of your property.